PETALING JAYA: As Taiwan is one of the leaders in the beauty industry, Taiwan Excellence hosted the “Your Skincare, Taiwan Excellence Knows the Best” webinar yesterday that showcased three Taiwanese companies’ most innovative beauty products.

The event was jointly held by Taiwan External Trade Development Council (Taitra), the trade promotion entity in Taiwan, and Taiwan’s Bureau of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Economic Affairs.

Taitra president & CEO Leonor Lin stated that the global revenue of the skincare industry will reach US$64.2 billion (RM266 billion) in 2021, of which 53% is generated by the Asian market, according to the Euromonitor International’s Beauty Survey.

The webinar brought the audiences to each respective company’s headquarters, allowing the three companies to give hands-on demonstrations of their products.

A company called MacroHI Co Ltd created a sub-brand under Aromase and is determined to solve all scalp problems. The brand is targeted at both the medical market and consumer market, from hospitals, clinics to beauty chains and sports centres.

The company has invested in scalp research and worked with over 500 hospitals and dermatology clinics worldwide to create the Aromase 5α Juniper Scalp Purifying Liquid Shampoo. The shampoo is an all-herbal and medicine-free scalp shampoo designed to solve all scalp problems.

Over 100 dermatologists have endorsed Aromase’s shampoo to their patients who face severe dermatitis and psoriasis diseases as the product can effectively reduce inflammation and itchiness. Not only it was awarded by Taiwan Excellence, it was also the first scalp care product achieving the “Cradle to Cradle (C2C) Bronze Certification” in Asia.

With its sales channel covering over 20 countries, including Malaysia, Singapore, Germany, US and more, MacroHI has sold over 2.5 million bottles and received testimonies from over 50,000 users. The company’s products can be found in department stores, pharmacies and e-commerce platforms around the world.

Meanwhile, Shiny Brands introduced its Dr May Aromatherapy Essence Oil, which is formulated with 300 herbal extracts that supercharges one’s skin. It is a multifunctional product designed to replace many other beauty products. The unique scent of the product can also help reduce stress within 10 minutes.

Natural Beauty also introduced its r-PGA Deep Hydration Moisturizing Cushion Mask, which is made with natural plant fibre, diatomite that instantly increases skin moisture in 15 minutes. With a special 4D honeycomb structure, the sheet mask contains more essence with a high infiltrating feature, allowing advance moisture retention.

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