PETALING JAYA: Macro Kiosk Bhd is keen to begin its foray into the robotics and electrical vehicle (EV) industries, as well as expand its business into Cambodia and Laos, within two years.

“The group is bullish this year and we are continuing our regional expansion in terms of opening up new offices. We are also making inroads into a new industry – the robotics (and EV) industries,” disclosed co-founder and CEO Datuk Kenny Goh in an exclusive interview with SunBiz.

Currently, the enterprise solutions platform operates 12 branches worldwide and its anticipated entry into robotics and EV, will make it a total of 26 industries it will be involved in. Currently, it services more than 5,000 customers from 37 countries.

Its Bold enterprise solutions platform provides omnichannel communication, multichannel payment, analytical engagement and actionable marketing to drive customers’ business communication efficiency, payment requirements, customer engagements and marketing interactions towards market demands.

Goh said the group will first expand into Cambodia within this year, before setting up an office in Laos, which is likely to be finalised by year-end or in 2025.

He explained that Cambodia is an up-and-coming market, and while it does not have an office there yet, its services are being used by some clients who are based there.

Since its objective is to take Asean as one marketplace, it needs to be present in Cambodia and Laos to complete its Asean circuit, Goh said. In addition, he foresees an increase in clients and demand in both countries.

“A business like ours cannot be locked into one geographic area. We are a platform business, whereby we help businesses or enterprises go digital, hence there are no borders for us per se, which is why we aspire to take Asia or Asean as one marketplace,” he added.

Moving forward, Goh said the group is eyeing the African market, albeit there are no immediate plans to do so as it is still focused on operating within its existing markets.

“ We are looking at the African continent because the (digital) adoption is there. There's a lot of new startups and all the new companies also want to do business with Asia and vice versa.

“There is diversity there and the infrastructure is still up and coming. Moreover, they share some similarities with Asia ... We have the expertise, the knowledge and we believe that we can replicate what we have in Asia for the African market, if we choose to embark on a next frontier,” Goh said, adding that Johannesburg would be a viable first option.

In addition, the group is interested in venturing into the robotics industry, through serving its customers in the industry.

“We are still evaluating on how to bring robotics into it, on how our Bold solutions can play a role in the robotics industry. We are making inroads into the industry,” said Goh.

“EV is also another industry that we are looking into, we are not looking into manufacturing EV cars or batteries, but rather to provide solutions and services to clients in the industry, one such example is the charging station,.

“These are the few industries that we see that there’s a demand for our solutions,“ said Goh.

In terms of contribution, Malaysia delivers the bulk of its revenue stream at 60% followed by the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia and the rest of the other countries its serves.

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