PETALING JAYA: Store N Go, a home-grown e-fulfilment provider, has combined influencer marketing solutions with warehousing and fulfilment services.

Said to be the first in Malaysia, the inclusion of influencer marketing into Store N Go’s ecosystem aims to boost the competitiveness of home-based businesses and SMEs, many of whom have digitised operations but lack the resources for active digital marketing.

Store N Go’s influencer marketing solutions currently span a growing in-house team of 24 influencers on TikTok, covering a variety of consumer interests from beauty to lifestyle.

With this latest addition to its services, the brand said it is poised to become a one-stop brand management solution for SMEs looking to centralise their fulfilment and marketing efforts.

Store N Go founder and CEO Tee Kee Lion said that “Having worked with a SME-majority clientele, we realised there is a very real need to level the online playing field, especially as less than 25% of SMEs are able to move beyond basic digitalisation.”

“What Store N Go offers is an end-to-end ecosystem that closes that gap — we manage a business’ entire fulfilment process, while simultaneously building their brand through multiple marketing channels and taking them further to high-potential audiences that they have yet to reach,” he said in a statement.

In keeping with the evolving landscape of influencer marketing, Store N Go also provides upskilling training to its team of influencers. The training sessions are administered by digital experts, and covers a range of topics such as TikTok shop marketing tools, livestream host training, and content creation classes.

Additionally, Store N Go provides businesses with detailed performance data analytics of their influencer marketing campaigns. This enables business owners to better identify customers’ online influences and to easily scale the influencers engaged depending on campaign scale and need, from nano to micro-influencers.

To date, Store N Go said it has connected local startups and SMEs with an average increase in sales of 99.28%, compared year-to-date with March 2022.

Following this entry into the digital marketing solutions space, Store N Go plans to continue expanding its network of influencers and key opinion leaders. Furthermore, the brand is preparing to explore emerging technologies like artificial intelligence and blockchain within the fulfilment industry to further streamline logistics and marketing operations for SMEs.