TAIPEI: An eight-month-old infant has become the youngest person in Taiwan to develop a severe Covid-19 infection after being reported as one of Monday’s severe domestic Covid-19 cases by the Central Epidemic Command Centre (CECC).

The baby girl, who has no underlying conditions and is unvaccinated against Covid-19, developed a fever of up to 39 degrees Celsius on May 4 and her parents sought medical attention at a hospital emergency room, Central news agency (CNA) reported the Centres for Disease Control Deputy Director-General Lo Yi-chun said at the daily CECC press conference.

“Her PCR was positive during her evaluation at the emergency room. The doctor said her condition was stable and her condition could continue to be monitored at home,“ Lo said.

However, during the next two days, the baby started drinking less milk and her level of activity also started to drop, while a fever and twitching started to develop, Lo said.

The baby girl was taken to a hospital emergency room again, where she was admitted to an intensive care unit (ICU), Lo said.

While in ICU, she continued to show signs of twitching and developed a low blood pressure, and hence was intubated to stabilie her breathing and steady her heartbeat,

According to CNA, Lo said that she is still in ICU and is being treated with medication, including the antiviral drug remdesivir.

“Currently, her condition is stable and has improved as she is still in the ICU receiving care. This is the youngest person to be a severe case,“ Lo said.

On May 2, Taiwan reported a severe case involving a 10- month-old baby girl who s also currently in ICU, but her condition is stable and improving, Lo said.

To date, Taiwan has recorded two severe Covid-19 cases who are children under one year old, Lo said.

Taiwan reported 40,304 new cases on Monday and 12 deaths from the disease, according to the CECC.-Bernama

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