KUALA LUMPUR: The Communications Ministry will soon launch an online safety roadshow to enhance awareness among schools and communities about the adverse effects of the internet.

Its minister Fahmi Fadzil said the programme aims to highlight the dangers of internet use, such as cyberbullying, scams and cybersecurity threats, while also educating on methods to protect personal data and the benefits of online platforms.

“We see the need to begin in schools so that children are aware of and understand the dangers and capabilities of social media. For children under 13, we have prohibited them from opening social media accounts, yet unfortunately, many children are unaware,” he told reporters after distributing free helmets to 150 students at Sekolah Kebangsaan Bangsar here today.

He said the roadshow is also designed to ensure safe internet browsing, particularly for children and families.

In addition, he said the ministry plans to hold a meeting with the TikTok social media platform next week to discuss strategies for managing cyberbullying issues.