MADINAH: Hajj pilgrims who have the opportunity to visit the ‘Raudah’ at the Nabawi Mosque are advised not to get too excited and busy taking pictures so much so they forget to make prayers at one of the most blessed places to do so.

Lembaga Tabung Haji’s (TH) Madinah Ibadah (worship) manager Muhammad Fakhrur Ridzwan Othman said that the opportunity to enter the Raudah area should be utilised wisely by performing ‘solat sunat’ (prayers) and supplications as much as possible, since the time allowed for each pilgrim in the area was very limited.

“We understand the excitement, especially for pilgrims who enter for the first time and have smartphones; surely, they want to take pictures. It’s not that we don’t allow it, it’s possible... but the etiquette is first and foremost to perform solat sunat because it is Prophet Muhammad's Mosque.

then supplicate as much as possible while we are inside Raudah because it is a blessed place for prayers. Then, at the end of the activity in Raudah, it is permissible for us to take pictures,“ he said in an interview with media personnel here recently.

He also reminded pilgrims to recite as much ‘salawat ‘or salutations to Prophet Muhammad as they could in the blessed place.

Tabung Haji (TH) had stated that it would strive to ensure that all 31,600 Malaysian Hajj pilgrims would get the opportunity to enter the Prophet’s tomb.

However, before that, all Hajj pilgrims must download the electronic ‘Nusuk’ application on their smartphones.

Apart from visiting the Raudah, TH also organises several other activities for Hajj pilgrims during their six days in Madinah, including visiting the tomb of the Prophet Muhammad SAW, visiting the Baqi cemetery, and outer visits involving tours to Quba Mosque, Qiblatain Mosque, Khandaq Mosque, and Mount Uhud, as well as date palm farms.