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MP Fahmi Fadzil to move forward with Lembah Pantai job centre

KUALA LUMPUR: Soon folks in Lembah Pantai will find it easier to look for their dream jobs in the area, even with multinational companies like Alibaba and Razer.

Lembah Pantai MP, Fahmi Fadzil (pix) told theSun, that this will be done through a job centre to be set up in the constituency in the second quarter of this year.

“I am currently working to commission a job centre in Lembah Pantai - the Pusat Kerja Lembah Pantai.”

“The idea behind this is to help Lembah Pantai residents by job matching ... those who are looking for work, those who don’t know that there can be better work for them ... we can help them with resumes, CVs even help them develop a career path vision,“ he said.

Several agencies, companies and private individuals will be working together on this initiative that basically provides training, internship and job opportunities.

“We’ve got a lot of tech companies based here, such as Razer, Alibaba, Touch n’ Go digital, and many others.

“A lot of them are based here (in Lembah Pantai) even Telekom Malaysia who is involved in the 5G roll out and of course KL Eco City, which is host to even more tech companies.”

“How can these companies, so close within Lembah Pantai, help in terms of providing job opportunities to the residents have always been a point to consider which I am looking forward to working with these companies to see how we can add value to the job centre,“ Fahmi said.

He added that the centre would be the point of contact for Lembah Pantai folks to source for jobs but any members of the public can put in applications too.

The idea for the centre according to him, was also mooted after noticing a disruption in the traditional work industry.

“There is this strain in Malaysia where a lot of jobs in the traditional work sector are being disrupted because of technology.”

“Technology is not a bad thing, however, we have witnessed disruption in several sectors like in the transport sector where e-hailing overtook the taxi business, and then in the hotel sector with AirBnB, and even in journalism and whatnot. A lot of people are saying that you may have a job now but in five years, it remains to be seen.”

“Working on adapting our traditional work skillsets to be brought into a more modern work environment is important and this will also be addressed in the (job) centre as well,” Fahmi added.