KUALA LUMPUR: Royal Canin, in collaboration with Zoetis Malaysia, has launched a vaccination programme aimed at emphasising the critical importance of early-age pet care.

This initiative, which began on May 24 and will run until Aug 31, kicked off with an engaging event at KidZania last Friday and alongside this initiative, Royal Canin introduced a new range of BabyMilk products for puppies and kittens.

In a statement, Royal Canin highlighted that these launches are part of their ongoing ‘Start of Life’ initiative aimed at educating pet owners about the importance of vaccinations and provide precise immune-strengthening nutritional solutions for young pets in their early development stages.

“Developed in collaboration with Zoetis Malaysia, the leading animal health company in the country, the vaccination programme will run for just over three months.

“Royal Canin will be giving a healthcare voucher for vet consultation or vaccination when pet owners purchase selected ‘Start of Life’ products,“ the statement read.

Royal Canin Malaysia market head, Teh Meng Li, expressed pride in the new initiative, stating, “We believe that by educating pet owners about the importance of vaccinations, and by providing them with the necessary platform to explore this necessity, we can help ensure that more puppies and kittens across Malaysia receive the ‘Start of Life’ they deserve.”

Teh also emphasised the significance of the BabyMilk product line, which is designed to provide a comprehensive nutritional package for both puppies and kittens.

“The BabyDog Milk and the BabyCat Milk are newly-launched products formulated to be as close as possible to a cat and dog’s natural milk, with ultra-digestible and highly nutritious proteins contributing to the digestive health and steady growth of puppies and kittens; the ideal choice for pet owners looking to provide their young companions with the best ‘Start of Life’.”

She added that Royal Canin’s dedication extends beyond the BabyMilk range, offering a variety of products in the ‘Start of Life’ line to support puppies and kittens even after the initial two months of BabyMilk usage, ensuring comprehensive care throughout their growth stages.

To further highlight the initiative, the launch event included a Studio Sembang podcast session hosted by Amelia Henderson, featuring Malaysian actress and cat lover Zara Zya, and celebrity veterinarian Dr Salehatul Khuzaimah (Dr Ima).

The podcast, which will debut on June 7, covers topics such as first-year pet visitations, tailored nutrition plans, and home training for kittens.

Royal Canin is also offering pet owners a Healthcare voucher, redeemable at participating veterinary clinics nationwide, to support their pets’ health during the critical first year. Pet owners can sign up for the Royal Canin Club at https://club.royalcanin.com.my to receive this benefit.

For more details on Royal Canin Malaysia’s Vaccination Programme, BabyMilk range, and other ‘Start of Life’ initiatives, visit https://www.royalcanin.com/my/offers or call +60374920188.