PETALING JAYA: PAS Youth has lodged a police report against a Twitter account who associated the political party to the international terrorist group Islamic State (IS) or Daesh.

PAS Youth chief Ahmad Fadhli Shaari (pix) stated that the report was lodged today (Mar 7) by Gombak PAS Youth activist Mohamad Suffi Kamari at the Selayang police station, NST reported.

“The Twitter user by the name Pak Arman Amin, had clearly accused PAS of having links with terrorist movements.

“PAS is a party formed based on the law of the Malaysian government, registered under the Registrar of Societies, and we operate legally.

“No need to link PAS to any international terrorist movements,“ Ahmad Fadhli explained at a press conference at the Parliament lobby today.

The Pasir Mas MP had urged the police to immediately investigate and prosecute the culprits involved in posting the now deleted post on Twitter.

Ahmad Fadhli added that not only the post was slanderous but could also harm relationships between citizens of many races and religions and also democratic freedom.

“Based on this person’s Twitter history, he has been very ‘istiqomah’ (steadfast) in attacking PAS. We support democracy, but do not slander.

“The authorities are quick to investigate TikTokers who campaign for Perikatan Nasional, why don’t (they take action) against individuals who clearly make accusations linking PAS with IS?” he said.

The incendiary Twitter post was posted on Mar 5 by user @armanamin330 which read: “Lately, PAS had a parade with swords. Looks like it was an Islamic State revival by Daesh. PAS is truly despicable.” (Baru baru ni PAS buat perarakan angkat pedang. Rupanya ia kebangkitan Islamic State oleh Daesh. Memang PAS ni celaka)

In another tweet after the controversial one, the user also said that many PAS members allegedly supported Daesh.

At the time of writing, the user had deleted their account.