KUALA LUMPUR: A leading top 500 enterprise in China, The Aux Group, enters the local market through a collaboration with its Malaysian partner; Aufit Malaysia.

Stating confidence and positive sentiment in the Malaysian market, the firm aims to gain a foothold in the local consumer electrical segment.

Aux Group China was established in 1986, and today its activities span over several industries covering home appliances, electrical equipment, medical equipment and services, real estate and investment.

The group turnover was recorded at RMB 72 billion in 2021. It employs more than 30,000 people and has 11 manufacturing plants in Ningbo, Nanchang, Tianjin, Ma’Anshan, Zhengzhou in China as well as in Brazil, Poland, Indonesia and Thailand.

Its air conditioners is ranked the number three most popular brand in China and was the exclusive air conditioning supplier to the 19th Asian 2022 Hangzhou Games.

At the launch of its Malaysian arm in an event held in Kuala Lumpur at the end of November, Rando Wu, Asean Sales Manager, Aux China states, “We are confident that amidst global complexities, we will experience local economic growth.

This presents significant opportunities for us and we want to enter the market early.

One area we will focus on is the air conditioner segment as we have witnessed that improvement in housing standards is fueling great demand for consumer air conditioners.”

According to research, the global air conditioner market is projected to register a CAGR of greater than 5% during the period between 2021-2026, with Asia Pacific being the fastest-growing and largest market.

The industry is expected to witness huge growth due to the soaring temperature and humidity levels worldwide, along with the rising acceptance of air conditioners as utility products rather than luxury products.

The emergence of technologically advanced air conditioners, such as air conditioners with inverters and air purification technologies, is further anticipated to influence the air conditioner market positively.

Alan Yap, Managing Director, Aufit Malaysia, states, “We have invested a total of RM10 million and set up eight centers in Puchong, Johor Bahru, Butterworth, Kuantan, Kota Bharu, Melaka, Kota Kinabalu and Kuching and will continue to equip them. We have an experienced team of technicians who are supported by certified third-party installers and maintenance specialists.”

Drawing from a unique combination of Japan R&D technology and China manufacturing expertise, the Aufit Brand is Aux Group’s later addition to its growing portfolio of residential air conditioners, backed by its long-standing proven technology and manufacturing expertise.

Rando Wu, adds on, “The AUX group prioritizes R&D in order to meet latest market needs and developments. This includes creating technologies that contribute to energy efficiency and sustainability issues as well as technologies that help combat health factors such as pneumonia and asthma or virus contamination. We strive to bring the latest advancement in consumer electronics and air conditioning to Malaysia.

“Just recently, local experts have stated that the electronics and electrical (E&E) sector and other high technology industries will benefit from increased foreign investor confidence in the ability of the government to maintain political stability and deliver the needed structural and institutional reforms. In addition, the recent Standard Chartered research titled ‘Winning in Asean’ demonstrated that a majority of business leaders plan to have a sales presence in Malaysia over the next three years. We are definitely on the right path and we aim to gain 10% of the local air conditioning market share in the next 3 years,” Alan Yap, Managing Director, Aufit Malaysia concludes.

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