KUALA SELANGOR: The Employees Provident Fund (EPF) will continue to play an important role in promoting financial literacy and social security, as well as supporting Malaysia’s economic growth and stability.

The fund said that to meet this goal, EPF will expand its services to the public, especially in Selangor, by participating in the Central Zone MADANI Rakyat programme that is currently held at the Kuala Selangor Sports Complex.

“This initiative is part of the EPF’s efforts to engage face-to-face with the people by having various services available in this programme.

“In this programme, the public can come to our booth to check their EPF statement, register as a new member, update their membership data, register for i-Akaun, join the i-Lindung insurance scheme, register for Shariah savings, as well as facilitate the naming of the next of kin and other services,” an EPF spokesman told Bernama.

She said that EPF’s involvement in this MADANI Rakyat programme demonstrates its support and cooperation with the federal government to ensure more Malaysians have sufficient social safety coverage.

“Apart from this, the efforts are in line with EPF’s target to ensure sufficient savings upon retirement. The steps taken to join this (MADANI Rakyat) programme show the fund’s commitment to improving accessibility and ensuring its services reach a wider segment of society.

“By joining initiatives like this, EPF wishes to promote financial inclusivity and empower individuals to secure their financial future,” she said.

The three-day Central Zone MADANI Rakyat programme from Friday, Feb 23 - Sunday, Feb 25, is organised by the Prime Minister’s Office through the Performance Acceleration Coordination Unit (PACU).

The programme’s closing ceremony on Sunday will be officiated by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and attended by federal and state government officials. - Bernama

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