PUTRAJAYA: The Malaysian Code of Ethics for Journalists, launched today, is a guideline for media agencies to carry out their duties, thus promoting professionalism and integrity of the media as a source of news and information trusted by the people.

Developed by the Ministry of Communications through the Malaysian Information Department (JaPen), and launched by the Communications Minister Fahmi Fadzil, it outlines eight fundamental ethics that underscore the responsibilities and standards expected of journalists.

These include being the voice of the plural society; being transparent and with integrity; fairness in conveying information, validity and accuracy of information, independence from personal interests and protecting the privacy and confidentiality of sources.

Journalists are also required to have an understanding of the laws and policies relevant to their profession and to give priority to continuously improving their journalistic skills.

JaPen, in a statement issued in conjunction with the launch of the Malaysian Code of Ethics for Journalists, said the code will be used as a reference in its management of the Media Certification Card (KPM) for media practitioners.

The KPM serves as an official identification document for media practitioners from media agencies recognised by the government to cover official events.

The Malaysian Journalism Code of Ethics published by the Malaysian Press Institute (MPI) in 1989 served as the main reference by JaPen in the management of the KPM previously.

“In line with the evolution of the media industry, the code of ethics is updated and to serve as a guide a guide for all JaPen KPM holders in carrying out their duties in the building of an informed society,“ read the statement.

Also present at the launch of the Malaysian Code of Ethics for Journalists were Communications Ministry Secretary-General Datuk Mohamad Fauzi Md Isa and Director-General of Information Datuk Mohd Sukari Ab Hamid. - Bernama

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