KUALA LUMPUR: Sunway Pyramid, Sunway Velocity Mall, and Mattel have collaborated in preparing the Autsome Starter Kits for the Early Autism Project (EAP), an initiative aimed at supporting the autism community.

Sunway Pyramid in a statement today said that the partnership reflects a growing awareness and effort to create more inclusive environments for individuals with autism by providing resources and tools specifically designed to meet their unique needs.

“The Autsome Starter Kits are a collection of carefully selected items and resources designed to address various aspects of development and daily challenges faced by individuals with autism.

“Through initiatives like these, the partnership aims to make a tangible difference in the lives of individuals with autism, contributing to a more inclusive and understanding society,” the statement said.

The kits, among others, include sensory stimulation tools that can provide a calming effect or help with focus, and social interaction aids that encourage social engagement and communication, facilitating the development of these crucial skills in a supportive manner.

It also includes cognitive development resources that help with enhancing cognitive skills, and promoting learning and intellectual growth in a way that respects the learning pace and style of autistic individuals.

The kits’ handover event was held yesterday, attended by EAP Malaysia director Jochebed Isaacs, Mattel Inc. head of marketing of SEA Christine Chan, Sunway Pyramid associate director of marketing Amy Hoo and Sunway Velocity Mall marketing manager (Partnerships and Special Projects) Leon Tan.

The statement also noted that the collaboration between the Sunway malls, Mattel and EAP Malaysia is an example of how corporate entities and non-profit organisations can come together to support a cause.

It said Sunway malls play a role by hosting the handover event and contributing resources, demonstrating its commitment to corporate social responsibility and inclusivity, leveraging their facilities and reach to support the autism community.

“As a leading toy manufacturer, Mattel’s involvement ensures that the Autsome Starter Kits are not only functional but also engaging and fun for the recipients. Their expertise in creating educational and developmental toys greatly benefits the kits’ effectiveness,” it stated.

The statement added that EAP Malaysia, as the recipient organisation, plays a crucial role in distributing these kits to individuals and families in need with their expertise in autism among others ensuring the kits were used effectively.

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