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“Hardcore poverty should be eradicated and it should be the top priority of our government.

THOUGH the government is bent on eradicating poverty in the country there are people still living in deplorable conditions.

Last year, the prime minister vowed to eradicate abject poverty in our nation and last week, the Regent of Johor called for the eradication of extreme poverty in the state by 2025.

The Regent has said everyone in Johor should have food on their tables, shelter, access to quality education and access to basic facilities and good health.

A time frame has been set and all state assemblymen have been directed to identify the respective groups in their constituency.

The royal decree is an affirmative, action-based timely call to wipe out abject poverty in Johor.

The whole nation needs to emulate the stance that the Regent of Johor has taken.

It is sad and depressing that there are families who are still living in deplorable conditions in our country.

There are families, single mothers and elderly couples still living in shacks, abandoned and dilapidated buildings, with no proper water supplies, electricity and sanitation.

Two years ago the media highlighted the plight of a 60-year-old military veteran who was living in a car parked at the back of a convenience store in Taman Sungai Besi. He had been living in the car for the past 20 years.

The plight of the army veteran caught the eye of a former prime minister who immediately dispatched his political secretary to look into his case.

It is shocking that people still live in such squalid conditions in a country that boast of progress and development.

The media should be commended for highlighting and exposing families and children living in such conditions.

Abject poverty is a reality and many are still living below the poverty line.

A more concerted effort needs to be taken to eradicate poverty.

The respective village heads and community representatives should be aware of squatters and families living in poverty in their constituency.

Social welfare workers and volunteers should visit every area to identify the hardcore poor.

Eradicating poverty is one of the key performance indicators that the government has embarked on.

The onus is on us to help our country achieve zero poverty.

Let us eradicate it within our neighbourhoods by reporting deserving cases to the relevant authorities.

It should be the top priority of any state government.

Zero poverty should be the ultimate goal in our quest a better life.

In a land where foreigners come in large droves to work and earn a living, it is discouranging to see our people living in such pathetic conditions, jobless and homeless.

Apart from these homeless vagrants, there are families in the country who have to make do with bare necessities while living in abject poverty.

There are homes with no proper electricity or water supply.

Single mothers whose husbands have deserted them, leaving them in the lurch have been forced to stay in sheds and abandoned buildings with their children.

Elderly men and women who have been abandoned by their children, and left to fend for themselves stay in dilapidated dwellings.

I am appalled by organisations helping foreign missions and causes when our people are living in abject poverty without basic needs such as food, shelter and clothing.

Let charity begin at home. Let us completely wipe out this malaise before helping foreign missions.

It is heart-warming that kind and concerned individuals have come forward to help those in need and the media should be commended for highlighting the plights of the needy so that their lives could be made a little better and brighter.

Hardcore poverty should be eradicated and it should be the top priority of our government.

Zero poverty should be the ultimate goal in our quest for quality living.