Prioritise safety over convenience

ROAD safety is a crucial aspect of everyday life that must be prioritised for all individuals, regardless of social status. Unfortunately, individuals from low-income households may not have access to adequate transport or may resort to unsafe practices due to limited options.

In a recent observation, I witnessed a disturbing and risky sight of a motorcycle rider carrying his wife and child as passengers (pic).

It is important to understand that motorcycles are not designed to carry multiple passengers or heavy loads, and doing so endangers all parties involved and breaches certain traffic laws.

In this case, the rider was not only carrying passengers and luggage but also supporting a sleeping child with only one hand, compromising his ability to react to unforeseen circumstances.

Any sudden movement, change in direction, or sudden braking could result in a disaster, putting the lives of everyone on the motorcycle at risk and possibly other road users as well.

Promoting road safety awareness across all levels of society is critical to preventing accidents and ensuring safe transport practices.

Everyone deserves access to proper gear and training to prioritise safety on the road. It is essential to promote access to proper gear and training for all individuals, especially those from low-income households.

Awareness and education on road safety can help prevent accidents and save lives.

It is also important to prioritise safety over convenience when it comes to riding a motorcycle, regardless of social status.

Road safety should be a high priority during the process of acquiring driving or riding licenses.

It should not be limited to books, laws, parliamentary debates, or social media attention. It should be continuously communicated, monitored, reviewed and enforced effectively.

In Malaysia, approximately 20 deaths a day are reported due to road accidents.

This is a staggering number and it is crucial to understand that every Malaysian’s estimated worth is RM3 million.

Considering 20 deaths a day, the total loss is around RM2.2 billion a year.

It begs the question: How much would it cost to engage in proper road safety training and communication with road users in a year?

As an Occupational Health and Safety Professional, I urge the relevant authorities and the general public to take appropriate steps in addressing this matter and protecting the lives of loved ones on the road.

Effective communication and training on road safety for all road users should be prioritised and implemented to prevent such disturbing and risky observations.

In summary, road safety should be integrated and communicated effectively to all road users, especially those from low-income households.

It is crucial to prioritise safety over convenience when it comes to riding a motorcycle, and access to proper gear and training should be promoted for all individuals. Let us work together to prevent accidents and save lives on the road.


Wollongong, Australia

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