SEREMBAN and Port Dickson are in dire need of revitalisation. Despite Seremban officially achieving city status on Jan 20, 2020, it is reminiscent of its retired town status, lacking the upkeep expected of a city.

The promised transformation into a “dream of a world-class metropolis” has seen little action in maintaining its city status.

Critical issues persist, including damaged and unsafe walk pavements, numerous missing pothole covers and the presence of abandoned buildings, notably the former Convent school site, now a stagnant water-filled lot, posing a health hazard with its potential as a mosquito breeding ground.

Further, the enduring sight of a decades-old abandoned building along Jalan Rahang, facing the King George School, a premier education institution, adds to the city’s visual neglect. It raises concerns about the city planners, town council and the mayor’s commitment to enhancing the city’s appeal for tourism.

While the Seremban lake boasts a variety of water sports equipment, the lack of activity in this scenic area is puzzling.

Seremban and Port Dickson should be transformed into vibrant urban centres under the Malaysian Vision Valley, launched in 2010 to benefit Negeri Sembilan residents.

The Malaysian Vision Valley economic zone, stretching from Port Dickson to Seremban and Nilai, aims to attract investment and create job opportunities.

Residents aspire for Seremban to evolve into a dynamic city, a culinary haven and a preferred tourist destination surrounded by greenery.

Although certain areas have received attention, others urgently require a facelift. Port Dickson, known for its scenic beaches, has untapped potential. To attract investors, it can benefit from improved hotels, resorts, water chalets, a duty-free zone, marine aquarium, safari, bird parks, convention centres and diverse food and beverage and entertainment outlets.

Port Dickson has the potential to transform into a world-class tourism destination and a prominent holiday retreat, fostering training and convention opportunities.

The envisioned developments in Seremban and Port Dickson align with the Malaysian Vision Valley’s objectives, contributing to the region’s economic growth and enhancing the quality of life for residents.

C. Sathasivam Sitheravellu


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