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BEIJING: Health experts have warned against underestimating the risks of “indolent tumours” as China observes its 30th National Anti-Cancer Week from April 15 to 21, reported Xinhua.

Certain cancers, which exhibit relatively slower growth, less invasiveness and a lower likelihood of metastasis compared to typical malignant tumours, are termed “indolent tumours”. Examples include the majority of differentiated thyroid cancers and prostate cancer.

Experts cautioned that while patients with “indolent tumours” tend to have relatively high survival rates, such tumours should still not be underestimated.

In some cases, even indolent tumours may transform into more invasive forms, especially when the tumour environment changes or more genetic mutations accumulate. Therefore, the key is early screening, early detection, and early treatment, according to experts.

Thanks to the continued promotion of cancer screening, early diagnosis and treatment in China, more “indolent tumours” are being detected early, enabling early intervention and improving patient survival rates. - XINHUA