SEOUL: Two people were found dead and 10 others went missing in South Korea after Typhoon Hinnamnor swept past, the country’s central disaster and safety countermeasures headquarters said Tuesday.

The typhoon, the 11th of the year brushed mainly through the country’s southeastern areas, where most of the casualties were reported. The typhoon moved out of the southeastern region early Tuesday morning, reported Xinhua.

One woman in her 70s was found dead in Pohang, about 270 km southeast of the capital Seoul, after she had been swept away by torrential waters.

In Pohang, eight people went missing after entering inundated underground parking lots to remove their cars, while another person remained unaccounted for after being swept away in the torrent.

Another woman in her 80s was found dead in Gyeongju, about 280 km southeast of Seoul, as she was buried in mud at a collapsed house.

In Ulsan, some 310 km southeast of Seoul, one 25-year-old man went missing after falling into a stream.

Another person was injured after being hit by a falling signboard in Siheung, some 30 km southwest of Seoul.

Eight commercial buildings and 71 houses were flooded across the country, while four houses were destroyed. Eight landslides were reported, and over 200 public facilities were damaged. Five fishing boats capsized, and 1,320 hectares of farmland were inundated in the aftermath of the typhoon.

Over 66,000 homes experienced power outages, while more than 2,900 people, mostly living in the southeastern region, were temporarily evacuated.

A total of 183 vessels on 122 domestic and international sea routes stopped sailing, and 251 flights were reportedly cancelled. - Bernama

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