It’s business as usual for foodpanda Malaysia

KUALA LUMPUR: foodpanda Malaysia will continue to operate its business as usual and expects to announce partnerships with the government soon.

Recently, German company Delivery Hero announced its withdrawal from negotiations with “the main negotiating counterpart” regarding the potential sale of its foodpanda business in selected markets in Southeast Asia, covering Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar and Laos.

foodpanda Malaysia interim CEO Pichaya Thongthua, who declined to comment, however shared that it had recently held an internal townhall which involved discussions among its staff on company strategies and directions for the year.

“(During the townhall) everyone was so engaged, that is why I (remarked) that it’s business as usual for sure. Every single department is in sync in terms of direction,“ she told reporters at a media luncheon yesterday.

Pichaya said it will roll out a few events next month although she declined to share specific details before an official statement is released.

“As Ramadan is around the corner, we (will) also be doing some events with the government in partnership. I don’t want to disclose it but definitely there’s something coming in terms of events during this March and April that we are working on, through partnership with the government to ensure that we contribute back to our society as well ... for us, its all about community and marketplace, society building definitely is a sustainable business,“ she said.

On the outlook for the local food and beverage industry this year, Pichaya said she believes that the industry will be “stable”.

At the same time, she noted that the industry last year recorded a “flat” trend.

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