CYBERJAYA: Ramssol Group Bhd (Ramssol), a human capital management solutions and technology provider, announced the launch of EnGo, Malaysia's First Compliance Digital Learning Platform. This innovative platform is introduced under the RAMS EduTech Sdn Bhd (RAMS) initiative, which provides education solutions under Ramssol. RAMS EduTech has been collaborating closely with the ELMU Education Group Sdn Bhd (ELMU) to deliver this educational solution, the company said in a statement yesterday.

EnGo provides students with a cutting-edge learning experience in the fields of enforcement and governance. With a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) in place with INTI International University, Ramssol will be offering free access to EnGo's content for university students, with the option to purchase a certificate for official recognition. Additionally, EnGo offers students support in their career development, including job placement assistance and valuable career guidance.

In its ongoing commitment to empowering institutions, Ramssol is extending its role as a technology partner to provide micro-credential programs from universities, to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), bridging skill and knowledge for talent pool in Malaysia.

This integrated approach serves to minimise the risk and exposure for companies and directors to the wrong side of the law, while simultaneously equipping students and SMEs with the necessary skills and knowledge. By doing so, Ramssol contributes to the cultivation of a culture of compliance, ethical conduct, and integrity, promoting a more accountable and responsible business environment in collaboration with EnGo.

Ramssol group managing director and CEO Datuk Seri Cllement Tan Chee Seng said,”We envision a future where integrity and compliance are paramount for our nation's future leaders. EnGo is a significant step toward achieving this vision. EnGo's mission extends beyond education, as we seek to collaborate with all universities to uplift the integrity values of our future leaders. By bringing together the academic community and industry experts, we aim to create a culture of ethical leadership that will have a lasting positive impact on Malaysia's business landscape.”

“The initiatives with ELMU and Malaysia Anti-Corruption Academy represent our ongoing efforts to promote workplace integrity. We are glad to introduce anti-corruption courses to universities, recognising their potential to shape a new generation of ethically aware, socially responsible individuals,” he added.