PETALING JAYA: Twelve tourists have been issued lifetime bans over their ill-conduct by a popular panda research and breeding centre in China.

According to CNN, the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding on Monday (June 17) posted a notice on its official WeChat account listing a dozen tourists who were banned for behaving badly between April and June this year.

The culprits were “caught either throwing bamboo shoots, lollipop sticks, cigarettes, eggs or bread and spitting into the outdoor play area of the pandas on different occasions,” read the WeChat post.

They were reported to be aged between 26 to 61.

The notice added that the pandas are all fine and healthy.

The Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding has even released a notice to visitors to take note on their website.

“Please watch your behaviour and queue up in order; illegal peddling of goods, distributing and posting leaflets are prohibited; it is prohibited to occupy the site to carry out individual or collective organisation of activities affecting other people, including celebrating the birthday for the giant pandas and so on.

“Panda Base has established a mechanism to punish uncivilised behaviours. Where the above behaviours affecting the normal order of the park or threatening the safety of the animals are verified, the Panda Base will, according to the severity of the behaviours, punish the violators with different degrees of penalties, such as criticising and educating, banning them from entering the park within one year, banning them from entering the park within five years, or banning them from entering the park for life, and so on,” said the statement on the website.

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