SIK: A man from Kampung Berona Kiri near here was shocked to see the house he had lived in since childhood damaged by a fallen cempedak tree during a storm yesterday.

The victim, Jalil Ahmad, 49, said he had just returned home after buying food to break fast yesterday.

The storm left his kitchen in ruins after the roofing gave way.

“(Before the incident) I went out to Jeniang town to buy some food. It was starting to rain and strong winds were blowing ... the uprooted tree fell right over the kitchen area,” he said when met by Bernama today.

Jalil who is self-employed, said his neighbours helped remove the tree by cutting the tree trunk and branches to clean the surrounding area.

Another victim, Azizun Abdul Rahman, 57, said about 10 pieces of roof tiles were blown off by strong winds which caused her house to be inundated.

“I was with my daughter in the living room on the ground floor ... when suddenly I heard a loud noise like the roof being lifted and rainwater was suddenly pouring into my house.

“All my blankets and other household items kept on the top floor were drenched but thankfully the items for baking were not affected, otherwise I will not be able to sell kuih raya this year. In 2014 we were also hit by a storm but it was not as bad this,“ she said.

Meanwhile workshop owner, Zuraimi Zainon, 51, said his business premises was also hit by the storm when the roof came off due to strong winds but he considered himself lucky because he managed to move the cars being repaired to a safer area.

“I have been here for five years but this is the first time I am being tested like this ..... during this Ramadan I would close my shop at about 4 pm but yesterday I had to close late because I had to wait for my customers to collect their cars which have been repaired,” he said.

In the storm yesterday, a Myvi Perodua car owned by Yusof Yaakob, 40, was also damaged when it was hit by a fallen coconut tree.

Meanwhile, Sik Malaysian Civil Defence Force (APM) officer Lieutenant (PA) Haisul Aishah Mohd Napiah said about 30 residential units and shops were reportedly damaged by the storm which hit two villages in the Jeneri district at about 5 p.m.

“A total of 10 houses were reported to have suffered serious damage while another 20 (houses) were semi-critical ... The two affected villages are Kampung Berona Kanan and Kampung Berona Kiri.

“We have also received reports of fallen trees blocking traffic and action has been taken to help the victims and clear the path,“ she said in a statement today. -Bernama