KUALA LUMPUR: Pahang became the latest state to be hit by monsoon floods today after Johor and Sabah.

In PAHANG, three temporary relief centres were opened in Rompin district to accommodate 97 victims from 28 families.

According to the Disaster Info Portal of the Social Welfare Department (JKM), the Kampung Setajam relief centre currently houses 50 victims from 15 families, while the Bukit Lepas community hall has 40 victims from 11 families with both relief centres operating from this afternoon.

Seven more victims from two families have been placed at the Bandar Perwira Jaya community hall since midnight after their homes were hit by flash floods.

The JPS official flood info portal website at publicinfobanjir.water.gov.my reported that the water level at Keratong River in Rompin reached 23.19 metres (m), exceeding the 23m danger level.

In JOHOR, Muar became the sixth district to be hit by floods after Kota Tinggi, Kluang, Segamat, Mersing, and Batu Pahat, with the number of evacuees now up to 4,368 people placed in 44 relief centres compared to 3,967 people this afternoon.

The State Disaster Management Committee (JPBN), in a statement, said that Segamat remained the worst affected district with 1,522 victims (424 families), followed by Kluang with 1,222 people (348 families) and Mersing with 708 victims (221 families).

Meanwhile, in Kota Tinggi, the number of relocated victims is 591 from 144 families, Muar 206 people (46 families) and Batu Pahat 119 people (35 families).

The water level in four rivers in the state exceeded the danger level, namely Sungai Muar (at the mouth of Sungai Gemas) showing a reading of 19.20 m; Sungai Segamat (9.22m); Sungai Segamat in Segamat Kecil (37.34m); and Sungai Kahang in Kampung Contoh, Kluang (16.12m).

In SABAH, the number of flood victims in the state increased to 607 from 139 families who were relocated to eight relief centres this afternoon compared to 166 people from 41 families this morning.

Kudat became the latest affected district this afternoon with 381 victims from 77 families seeking shelter in two relief centres.

The Sabah JBPN, in a statement, said a total of 147 victims from 41 families were relocated to three relief centres in Paitan, while 79 victims from 21 families were transferred to three others in Pitas.

Heavy rain this afternoon also caused the water level in Sungai Rampai Korina Sikuati in Kudat to rise sharply with several areas identified as at risk of flooding, including Kampung Bak-Bak, Kampung Milau and Kampung Naradang.

Kampung Popot in Kudat was reported to have been cut off after all roads to the village were flooded.

Earlier, the Sabah Public Works Department, in a statement, informed that five roads in Kudat namely Jalan Abdul Rahim, Jalan Sebayan, Jalan Datu, Jalan Bak Bak, and Jalan Lo Thein Chok were cut off and cannot be passed by all types of vehicles. -Bernama

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