The government should immediately act to increase the number of contributors to the Housewives’ Social Security Scheme, said economist Assoc Prof Dr Ida Md Yasin.

“One important aspect to achieve this is to disseminate information about the scheme for maximum impact, and overcome its insufficient awareness among homemakers and rural folk.” The scheme introduced by the Social Security Organisation (Socso) serves to recognise and address the vulnerabilities faced by homemakers. Launched in December 2022, it aims to improve social protection and includes widows and single mothers by providing coverage against domestic disasters, disability, illness and infirmity, with a monthly contribution of RM10 or an annual fee of RM120. (Pic) The scheme acknowledges the valuable but often unrecognised contributions of homemakers to their families and communities, providing them with financial security and peace of mind. AMIRUL SYAFIQ THESUN