KUCHING: Sarawak recorded another death due to the ongoing rabies outbreak among humans at the Sarawak General Hospital, said Sarawak state health director Dr Veronica Lugah.

She said this means the total number of deaths due to rabies has so far increased to 72 cases and 79 cases of complications from rabies that had been recorded.

“This year, four cases have been detected and all cases resulted in death due to complications from rabies infection. Out of the four cases detected, one case contracted the infection through the bite of a wild dog, while the other three cases contracted the infection through their own pets,” she said in a statement here today.

Dr Veronica added that all their pets also did not receive any anti-rabies vaccination and were free to roam with wild animals.

“The risk for these pets (which roam freely) to be infected with rabies is very high, therefore the risk for humans to get infected is also high if they are bitten or scratched. All cases also did not receive treatment or receive anti-rabies vaccination at any health facility after being bitten or scratched by an animal,” she said.

She added that since 2017 until the 22nd Epid Week (ME) of this year (May 26 to June 1), there were 56,023 cases of dog bites, 47,258 cases of cat bites or scratches were recorded and 1577 bites of other animals were reported.