SANDAKAN: Malaysian Armed Forces (MAF) veterans are encouraged to register with the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (JHEV) and local associations while updating their information through the VIBES 2.0 system.

Deputy Defence Minister Adly Zahari said this was to ensure that the assistance schemes provided by JHEV, including living allowances, school aid, higher education entry support, patient equipment, and disaster relief, could be delivered effectively and systematically to eligible veterans.

“The government is committed to increasing JHEV’s allocation from RM118 million to RM244 million in 2024. This significant increase can provide broader benefits to MAF veterans.

“This year, the government also increased the living allowance allocation threefold, from RM54 million to RM174 million. As of May 31, 2024, a total of 29,247 veterans have received this benefit,“ he said in a statement today.

He added that the Peduli Veteran Madani (PVM) initiative would serve as a platform for the Ministry of Defence to deliver welfare contributions and entrepreneurial incentives to MAF veterans in need, encouraging socioeconomic empowerment.

He said the PVM initiative acted as an interactive platform between the Ministry of Defence and MAF veterans, involving five main areas: welfare, health, housing, education, and economic empowerment.

“PVM will be enhanced through cooperation with the Social Welfare Department and related agencies through welfare visits to ensure no MAF veteran is left out from receiving the provided incentives,“ he added.

Today, Adly reached out to nine MAF veterans, including their widows and heirs, through the PVM programme around Sandakan, delivering food baskets and necessary health equipment.

Adly also spent time meeting with five MAF veteran entrepreneurs and handed over PVM assistance incentives to two business owners.