KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia and Pakistan have expressed their continued solidarity with the people of Gaza who are affected by the atrocities committed by the Zionist Israeli regime.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim reiterated the commitment when he received a telephone call from his Pakistan counterpart Shehbaz Sharif today.

“I also praised Prime Minister Shehbaz for his courage in making Pakistan’s position clear regarding the Gaza crisis.

“Leaders from other Islamic countries should continue to strengthen their support to increase humanitarian aid, in addition to redoubling efforts to end Israel’s colonisation and occupation of Gaza,” he posted on his Facebook page today.

Anwar said they also planned to meet in Islamabad, Pakistan soon so that the countries’ bilateral ties could continue to be strengthened.

During the phone call, Anwar and Shehbaz also exchanged Aidiladha greetings and prayed for the well-being of their families and the people of both countries.