KUALA LUMPUR: A local couple, aged 42 and 40, were apprehended by Malaysian authorities yesterday evening on suspicion of supplying firearms to an Israeli national.

The arrest comes after the Israeli man’s detainment at a hotel on Jalan Ampang.

A joint team comprised of officers and members of the Bukit Aman Criminal Investigation Department (CID) apprehended the couple at a Ramadan bazaar in Kuala Selangor around 7:15 pm.

Following their arrest, the suspects were brought to their residence, where a search uncovered a pistol hidden inside a backpack within their Honda Jazz car.

Sources allege the male suspect facilitated the sale of six pistols to the Israeli man, believed to be a spy who entered the country using a French passport. The couple is expected to be remanded today for further investigation.

Earlier, police apprehended a local man in Cameron Highlands, Pahang, suspected of being the driver for the Israeli national since his arrival in Malaysia on March 12th.

This arrest adds another layer to the ongoing investigation.

The Israeli man, initially detained at a hotel on Jalan Ampang, remains in custody.

Authorities are working to determine his primary motive for entering the country, considering the discovery of six pistols, 200 rounds of ammunition, and his alleged involvement in acquiring these weapons.

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