A suspect involved in the car theft in the Suria KLCC mall valet parking has been apprehended, according to the mall’s management.

In a statement on Sunday (July 7), a “comprehensive” investigation with the authorities was launched to get to the bottom of the issue.

“We reviewed CCTV footage which revealed that an unidentified individual entered the car and drove away while the car key remained securely stored at the valet counter,“ the management said.

The suspect was nabbed with the use of the car’s GPS system and the security camera footage at the valet parking.

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The mall’s management stated that this incident was the first of its kind to occur in its premises and has assured in its statement to review and bolster the enforcement of its valet parking operators’ standard operating procedures.

The victim, Zach Khai Shin, posted the incident on Facebook earlier on the same day where he found out that his car, a white Honda CRV model, was gone after being in the mall for only 30 minutes.

“My car was stolen after parking there. They told me it was locked and the engine was off,” he said in his post, adding that a police report was lodged following the incident.

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