MAKKAH: A total of 565 pilgrims from the first flight of the 1444 Hijrah season that arrived in Madinah last Sunday will enter Makkah tomorrow (May 26).

Accommodation hostel (Maktab) operations director Mohd Sawal Abong, said his staff are fully prepared to welcome the pilgrims who would be housed at the Abraj Al-Janadriyyah building, Tabung Haji (TH) headquarters here.

“Today, we will be handling the luggage of those who will be checking in tomorrow because they would be delivered a day before the pilgrims arrive,“ he told reporters here today.

He added that upon arrival, pilgrims will be taken to their respective rooms to rest for a while before going to the Grand Mosque to perform umrah with the help of two Haj facilitators (Pihtas).

Mohd Sawal said in total, there are nine hostels to accommodate pilgrims which are located no more than 1,000 metres from the Masjidil Haram and 12 personnel have been assigned at each hostel.

“The hostel operations office will manage all the activities of the pilgrims during their stay in the Holy Land, including taking care of their welfare and safety, providing guidance for haj worship and pilgrimage activities,“ he said.

He said over 1,200 pilgrims are expected to arrive each day at peak hours adding that the office will be holding the pilgrims’ passports to facilitate their flights back to Malaysia.

According to him, every hostel has a clinic, luggage post service as well as staff to guide pilgrims on the Haj pilgrimage and rituals. - Bernama

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