SIK: A Special Branch police officer of the Kedah contingent police headquarters died after he was shot during an operation against encroachment and illegal hunting in the Ulu Muda Forest Reserve near here today.

Sik district police chief DSP Abdull Razak Osman said that at about 10 am today, police received information that the 39-year-old junior officer had been fatally shot while on duty.

“Initial investigations show that a team from Sik police headquarters, Kedah state Special Branch, Central Kedah District Forestry Office personnel and civilians entered the Ulu Muda Forest Reserve area at noon on Feb 27.

“They all stayed overnight at Compartment 103 to investigate trespassing and illegal hunting. At about 3 pm on Feb 28, the victim along with two civilians reportedly moved to Compartment 124 within the forest reserve area using a public vehicle to conduct observation and investigation,” he said when contacted by Bernama today.

“However, until 6.30 pm yesterday, they had not returned to camp in Compartment 103,“ he said.

“A search was launched by other team members but they only found the vehicle at the junction between Compartments 124 and 125.

“Further investigations showed that the victim and the two civilians were believed to have lost their way in the darkness. At 2 am, a gunshot was heard and the victim was later found with a wound in the front part of his body,” he said.

Abdull Razak said the victim was brought back to Compartment 103 at 5 am today before being taken to Sik Hospital. However, he was confirmed dead at the hospital.

Following the incident, a 65-year-old male suspect, who was a civilian accompanying the victim, was arrested to assist in the investigation.

The case is being investigated under Section 304 of the Penal Code. -Bernama

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