BETONG: Two teenagers drowned while swimming in a river near Rumah Panjang Batu Lintang, Jalan Ulu Layar yesterday (Feb 11).

According to a Fire and Rescue Operations Centre (PGO) spokesperson, rescuers ftom the Betong Fire and Rescue Station (BBP) were dispatched to the location after receiving a distress call at 3.53pm.

The two victims were identified as Norman Syakimie Suria Ariffin, 16, and Afiq Aiman Mohd Adress, 17.

“On arrival at the scene, one of the victims, Norman Syakimie, was found unconscious and subsequently pronounced dead by medical personnel.

“The body of the second victim, Afiq Aiman, was discovered at 6.44pm by Betong BBP Water Rescue Team (PPDA) after diving to the riverbed at a depth of five metres,“ he said in a statement.

According to eyewitnesses, the victims were participating in recreational activities with friends and swimming in the river near the longhouse, he added.

The search and rescue operation ended at 7.04 pm and both victims’ bodies were handed over to the police for further action. - Bernama

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