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PROBLEMS facing anti-vaxxers due to own attitude: PM Ismail Sabri, online theSun Oct 18 refers, is about his strong plea to teachers, who have yet to get their jabs, to do so immediately as schools reopen in phases starting Oct 31.

It will strongly resonate with the majority parents or carers.

Teachers, of all people would understand the valid view that responsibilities to the wider society override their narrow personal attitudes or beliefs.

Put simply, vaccine refusers, or anti-vaxxers refusing the most effective intervention (that is vaccination), are people risking not only their own lives but the lives of many around them.

This includes students and staff at their workplace and family members at home.

Given the horrors of Covid-19 suffering and deaths, it is reasonable that many in our society will struggle to sympathise with people who will not protect themselves.

Noted medical experts worldwide have ad nauseam stressed the need to get vaccinated.

Some people may have good sound medical reasons or exemptions for not getting a shot.

But most people who refuse vaccination do not seem to be acting on vigorous researched scientific data or evidence.

Teachers, out of everyone would understand the importance of relying on proven scientific advice.

It is simply not good enough for vaccine refusals or hesitants to rely on their weak argument of mistrust of government or scientific authorities, nor to insist on their misguided notion of freedom of choice not to jab.

Please note that vaccine refusals simply mean that they and other people, will face high risks of getting infected and will need care and may die needlessly and horribly.

Therefore, it is vital that all teachers and school staff get vaccinated to provide a safe environment for children to attend schools, which provide critical face-to face learning experience and stimulation for kids’ learning.

The need to attend schools cannot be overemphasised as experts have found that online learning has caused children to fall behind academically.

Sze Loong Steve Ngeow