BERJAYA TVET College celebrates National Day with students and staff

BERJAYA TVET COLLEGE celebrated the 65th Merdeka Day with students and staff on 30 August 2022. This was their very first event after the Covid-19 pandemic. Students from the Culinary, Business, IT and Hospitality disciplines took part in this memorable event which started off with the singing of the National Anthem, Negaraku led by emcee Aina Syamimi.

The National Day Event President, Ariq Irfan recited the Rukun Negara oath with students and orchestrated a few patriotic songs such as Keranamu Malaysia and Jalur Gemilang with enthusiasm and passion for our country.

$!Reciting the Rukun Negara.

This event was organised by the students under the subject Event Execution and Coordination taught by Ms Logeswari a/p Tavesilan in collaboration with students from Business Communication and Food and Beverage students under Ms Piriyadarshini a/l Balakrishnan and Ms Manimegala a/p Permal.

Dr Sherly George, Vice President, started her speech by explaining to students the importance of Malaysian history and that students must know history by engaging with their grandparents and parents to understand the memorable stories in Malaysia. Dr Sherly stressed that the 13 May 1969 incident should be a lesson to remember and this is where Rakyat Malaysia must stay united and be at peace and harmony respecting each other’s culture and religion. Greed and corruption should never be part of their life ethics and one must be honest and maintain integrity to see success in life and country. All Malaysians must be true to their heart and believe in God. With this dedication and commitment in life and cherishing the importance of Rukun Negara, we believe Malaysians will be united and stay prosperous over time.

The event continued with students selling delicious traditional food such as nasi-lemak and herbal drinks and the drawing of henna. The fast-selling booth prize went to Vishuvarathan a/l Thanabalan. There were several competitions held and the winners for Congkak is Lim Carlson, Drawing and Word Puzzle is Gaayathrie a/p Elangovan and the best colourful booth went to English Communication students.

The best dressed traditional male and female students went to Vinesh Utthayakumaran wearing the traditional Indian Costume, Jippa with cotton Vesthi and Ong Chu Yin wearing the traditional Chinese costume Cheong Sum respectively.

$!Winners of the best dressed contest.

Shivaani Sunther Raj created creative posters and drew the Merdeka “kolam” to depict the three different ethnic groups in Malaysia.

The Event Vice President, Annabel Khor ended the event with a note of thanks to all staff and students.

$!BERJAYA TVET College staff posing for a picture to commemorate the event.

BERJAYA TVET College provides vocational education in the field of business, information technology, hospitality, culinary art and foundation studies and not to forget the Skill Proficiency programme specifically for special needs children. The entry requirement for students is 16 years and above.

No other qualifications are required.

These courses are specially sculptured for non-academically inclined students. Mr Kanendran T.A, Chief Executive Officer stressed “We mould our students and prepare them to be street smart, technically inclined and industry-ready. We BEGIN HERE and We EXCEL HERE!”

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