Sit back and relax with the comfiest loungewear by five homegrown fashion & lifestyle brands

LOUNGEWEAR is currently having its moment, during a time where most of us are working from home.

Well, get cosy and lounge in style in the comfort of your home with these style staples by some of the newest homegrown brands.


1. Motherchuckers

Last March, local it-girl for all things fashion and beauty Jane Lau launched her namesake brand Chuck’s, which is known for its skin-loving facial masks; and this July, she introduced a sister line, Motherchuckers, which is known for its comfy jumpers.

Lau wrote a heartfelt message: “Chuck’s is my baby and was created because I wanted to have a safe space where I could spread love and positivity with each and every one of my followers in the same way they’ve done with me since I started my journey back in 2009.”

Chuck’s is more than just a beauty brand; it’s a lifestyle and a community that radiates positivity, while constantly pursuing self-love.

Motherchucker’s cosy jumpers and joggers come in a variety of sweet colours, from periwinkle and beige to mint and plum. Each drop is limited-edition, and they often sell out very quickly upon release, so keep your eyes peeled.


2. Wustler

Founded by Haylea Khoo in June this year, the womenswear brand believes that dressing up to rest has an immense psychological power to make one feel more in-charge and in control of life, even when one is lounging at home, away from the hustle and bustle of work-life.

Wustler’s quality pieces are crafted with a rayon and viscose blend, which are regenerated cellulose fibre made from wood pulp, said to be more breathable and softer than most satin and silk-like fabric. The brand also uses strictly non-toxic and environmentally-friendly fabric dyes.

As part of its effort to work towards being kinder to the environment, Wustler is a member of the “1% for the Planet’ global movement; whereby the brand is committed to empowering women and protecting the environment, with a pledge of at least 1% of total sales to the non-profit organisation, Women’s Earth Alliance annually.


3. Fondest

Josephine Yap started the womenswear brand in August 2019 with a series of minimalist and effortless dresses, and has most recently released a selection of loungewear, including form-fitting bicycle shorts and mini skirts, as well as baggy jumpers for a relaxed fit.

Fondest adopted an environmentally-conscious approach by producing its pieces in small quantities of no more than 100 pieces for each design, and any deadstock fabrics will be used as lining for its dresses.

Other than that, the brand also uses recycled materials as its tags, and reusable packaging with absolutely zero plastic involved.

Fondest eschews overseas manufacturing, in favour of keeping resources as close to home as possible to minimise carbon footprint and support local manufacturers, while being in ultimate control of the full production process.


4. Lulla

Sasha Yusof and Aina Elias founded Lulla (derived from the word ‘lullaby’) to create the ultimate loungewear for the modern man or woman.

The brand finally launched its seven-piece debut collection in late August after the pandemic derailed its planned April launch.

Sasha shared: “For a vast majority, the new norm no longer involves being in close proximity with others and involves working from home, which means that getting dressed and ready for the day also looks different from life before Covid-19.

“Not assuming that we speak for everyone, but it feels like we’re getting our groove back and settling into a new norm rather comfortably. These days though, getting comfortable doesn’t have to mean sweatpants and ripped old shirts.”

In a time where more people are working outside the confines of boardrooms and office wear, there’s no better time to invest in quality everyday pieces.

Lulla’s loungewear takes on the classic silhouette but with a modern and contemporary twist, and crafted with luxurious fabrics designed for confidence as much as it is for comfort.


5. Lilit

Modest fashion brand Lilit has been impacting the local Muslimah fashion scene since its launch in May 2018. Lilt describes itself as “the new modern modesty” – one that merges an aura of confidence and an effortless sense of style, while putting on a calm and collected demeanour.

Lilit has a history of teaming up with homegrown designers and brands, such as WOO/FIZIWOO and Tom Abang Saufi previously, as well as its most recent collaboration with lifestyle brand APOM (A Piece of Malaysia) for a capsule collection of graphic jumpers inspired by satire humour with a Malaysian flair.

On a less graphical and more minimal note, Lilit’s core collections are filled with easy-breezy essentials that exemplify comfortable daily wear.

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