A foreign couple from the United States recently went viral when one of their old TikTok videos showed that they did not shower for three days straight while vacationing in Penang and travelling to Langkawi.

In the one-minute video published by the pair on their TikTok account (@claireandpeter) in May 2023, they admitted to not showering for three days in a row.

The reason being that they felt terrible about the “yellow water” in the hotel’s restroom, apparently to prevent getting water-borne infections caused by less-than-pure water.

In the video, the couple stated that they nearly missed their bus to the Penang mainland to catch the boat from Penang to Langkawi because they “waited somewhere (they) weren’t supposed to wait” and were eventually picked up on the roadside.

Before boarding the ferry, they ate at a fast food restaurant and arrived in Langkawi after a 1.5-hour ferry voyage.

However, rather than washing when they arrived at the hotel, the pair flung themselves onto the bed because, as they put it, “that’s life.”

The video eventually made its way to X, where it was published by a user named @sicklepissy, who considered the couple’s behaviour repugnant.

“Not bathing in Malaysia, let alone in the north, for three days, and then going out in public and eating KFC is just insane and nasty. According to Malaysians, white people smell better than Bangla’s”.

Other netizens chastised the pair for their lack of cleanliness in order to avoid “yellow” water, claiming, “That yellow water is fresher than you.”

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