Food mashups are not uncommon among the people around the world but what are the limits to these “fusion” foods?

IMAGINE a pizza that not only satisfies your taste buds but also enhances blood circulation and nourishes your body. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it? Now, what if this unique pizza comes with snake meat as its topping?

In Hong Kong, a renowned pizza restaurant chain has collaborated with Ser Wong Fun, a century-old snake restaurant in Central Hong Kong established in 1895, to create a distinctive and buzz-worthy pizza recipe.

This pizza offers a contemporary twist on the traditional snake soup, a popular dish in Hong Kong, Southern China, Vietnam, and Thailand.

The innovative recipe features shredded snake meat, black mushrooms, and Chinese dried hams—essential components of Hong Kong’s authentic snake stew.

The pizza franchise, as confirmed by its general manager, will incorporate meat from various snake species, such as Chinese rat snakes, banded kraits, and white banded snakes.

This 9-inch pizza, featuring abalone sauce, is part of a limited-time marketing campaign and will be available for purchase until Nov 22.

While there are numerous enticing pizza toppings in the market, snakes, a longstanding culinary delicacy in many Asian nations, are now being incorporated, purportedly for their health benefits.

According to a statement from the pizza restaurant, “Combined with cheese and diced chicken, the snake meat takes on a richer flavour profile.”

“Paired with pizza, it represents a departure from the traditional notion of maintaining good health while pushing the boundaries of taste,“ the statement noted, highlighting the health benefits of improved blood circulation associated with snake meat.

Opinions on this unique pizza are divided. Mabel Sieh, a self-described foodie and Hong Kong resident, shared her perspective stating, “I think it’s scary. Snakes aren’t considered food in many cultures, especially in the West.”

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