IN today’s society, many Malaysians opt for second jobs, taking on part-time or freelance roles to increase their income.

Whether driven by essential needs such as family responsibilities or more discretionary desires like expensive hobbies, this pursuit of money, known as ‘hustle culture,‘ has become ingrained.

Those who choose not to engage in this culture may sometimes face judgement, being labelled as lazy or lacking ambition.

A Malaysian individual recently posed a question on the TwtSecretsMY Twitter page, seeking opinions on whether it’s problematic that they don’t want to participate in the ‘hustle’ culture, especially at their young age.

The question of whether to embrace the ‘hustle culture’ has sparked a lively discussion on social media, with a Malaysian in their early twenties seeking advice.

Venting their frustration, the individual expressed reluctance to take on additional work, facing comparisons to those engaging in side gigs like delivery riders after long full-time shifts.

Working in an office setting, the individual countered the notion that office jobs are less physically demanding, detailing their early morning routine and the challenges of commuting.

The viral post garnered diverse responses, with many advocating for personal well-being over societal expectations.

While some urged financial prudence, emphasising the importance of a retirement plan, others championed the right to choose a path that aligns with individual priorities and energy levels.

The discourse highlights the ongoing conversation around work culture, personal boundaries, and the pursuit of a balanced life.

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