WITH Switzerland listed as one of the most expensive countries in the world, one will have to prepare their wallets for some major spending.

A Malaysian woman recently shared her expenditure for a meal in Switzerland that came up to a shocking RM500.

In her post uploaded on X, the young woman shared a picture of the meals she and her travelling companion ordered which mainly consisted of grilled fish, a few side dishes, bread and drinks.

“Switzerland is beautiful but make sure you bring a lot of money,” she captioned her post.

Netizens were agape at the exorbitant exchange rate, wondering how she managed for the rest of her trip in the country to which she clarified that she only went to that restaurant once and ate whatever the tour guide provided for the rest of her time there.

Another netizen who visited a cafe that was part of the eatery the woman visited was proven to be a pricy joint in itself while another commented that he spent close to CHF23 (RM123) for 14 pieces of chocolate truffles, indicating the notoriously high exchange rate.

Meanwhile, many have advised the young woman to pack readymade meals or cook to save money while travelling – also suggesting that she get budget friendly alternatives such as kebabs.

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