DIVORCE can no doubt be a difficult period in anyone’s lives. Plus, having to deal with asset division, housing, and child custody makes things more difficult and time-consuming.

An anonymous person recently attempted to share a few tips on how to avoid being on the losing end on X account, SecretsMY. However it was not well received.

“A decade without intimacy. I can see him looking for someone new,“ she began before explaining that she controls all of his salary.

Furthermore, she handles all financial matters, leaving her husband with only a discretionary budget and keeping track of all their assets.

“I control his entire pay. He trusts me. I just give him enough money to spend. “I know all of his assets.” She further added.

Additionally, she also encouraged her husband to transfer the house to her and their kid, which he consented to, citing their positive relationship and his love for their child as helping factors.

“I asked him to transfer the house to our child, and he agreed. He’s quite innocent and adores our child, so it was simple here.” She explained.

She further encouraged them to form a close attachment with their kid from birth, ensuring favouritism for herself in the event of divorce.

Moreover, she emphasised spending enough time at home with the child until they reached maturity.

She asserted “As for the child, I make sure they’re on my side. I spend more time at home, so the child has been close to me since birth until now that they’re working.”

She boldly declared that if rumours of her husband’s wish to remarry arose, she would immediately kick him out from the house, aided by the property transfer. Only then, she said, would the divorce processes begin.

With property and custody secured, she claimed to be free of any residual feelings for her ex-husband and had no remorse about her conduct.

She ended with, “No regrets.” I was a bloody excellent wife, and I deserve happiness.”

Predictably, her disclosure drew a lot of attention, with mostly unfavourable comments from netizens.One reviewer was angry with her, accusing her of manipulating her ex-husband and labelling her acts as malignant.

Meanwhile, another user cautioned of potential consequences, using the idea of karma.

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