While “open-air” toilets are not something uncommon, the act of improving the school toilets based on the concept was interesting to say the least.

SCHOOL bathrooms are often perceived as dirty, smelly and dark but the male toilets at Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Taman Kota Kulai in Johor are in the contention of defying these stereotypes.

Teacher Shahrizal Shaari took to Facebook to showcase an innovative design that not only enhances the appearance of toilets, making them seem more spacious, but also ensures cleanliness and a fresh atmosphere.

He said that the basic palette of blue, white and chocolate colours, will achieve a feeling of spaciousness without the need of excessive decoration.

The design of the toilet follows a “open-air” concept of the male toilets which creates an atmosphere that is noticeable compared to other school bathrooms.

Not only the male toilets, the female toilets which are also being renovated features a soft pink theme, which he described as soft and not intimidating.

The Facebook post has received about 1,100 likes and 400 comments, with netizens impressed by the concept.

A Facebook user, Najah Farahin commented that it is a good choice to implement this “open-air” toilets, which it claimed to be safer.

Hayati Husin, another Facebook user commented on the post saying that this open toilet can significantly reduce vaping, skipping classes or even secret hideouts.

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