DESPITE the humour and puns that are common on all of her social media, Sajat also experiences harassment like everyone else.

In a recent Facebook post, the infamous Malaysian businesswoman said that she was nearly raped by an Arabic man at her store in Australia.

The incident allegedly took place in February, but Sajat claimed that she has just now been able to have the strength to discuss it. When an Arabic man, who Sajat estimated to be 6 feet 2 inches tall, approached her as she was working at her shop as usual in Australia, she didn’t react unusually. Sajat resisted the man as he began grabbing her hands.

He informed Sajat that the front door was locked and that he was aware that Sajat’s store lacked Cameras.

“This means that he has been observing my shop for quite a long time.”

The Arab man started choking Sajat and slapping her face. Sajat was afraid, but she showed no signs of fighting back, and in order to get through the agony, she played along.

“He might break the stuff in my shop. I told him that I would do whatever he wanted.”

Before he “landed” his hands on Sajat’s breasts, he began to remove his shirt and slacks, exposing his private area. She then tried to stop him by announcing, “I’m dirty now. Why don’t we do it at my house so I can clean up?

She was still being choked and had her face kissed by the male, who enthusiastically agreed. Sajat claimed that she decided to file a police report when the man threatened her, but she did not elaborate on what transpired next.

Just like many women, it is a shame that Sajat had to experience a terrifying situation. This is a reminder for all the women to speak out when in trouble and always remember to stay vigilant in your surroundings.

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