A Malaysian woman recently revealed how she exposed her husband’s adultery with a female coworker in an X post.

The post wrote, “My spouse believes that I was unaware that he visited the widow of a colleague at work.

“My friend sent a picture of a row of red cars parked in a crowd, and that’s how I found out. There was my husband’s vehicle. Looking at the picture breaks my heart. What should I do now?”

The picture, which depicts the parking lot with a synchronised line of red-coloured cars caught the attention of the woman after it was shared with her by a friend as she spotted her husband’s car being parked there.

Sadly, she was devastated to learn that a divorced female co-worker of her husband’s actually lived in the apartment building.

The tweet has accumulated 54.8k views as of right now, and many people are supporting the wife in the hopes that she will file for divorce.

Other male netizens urged the woman to not only inform her husband that she knew of his infidelity but to divorce him as well.

“What can you do if god wanted to show you the truth?” asked a netizen.

Meanwhile, another commenter on the internet said, “Stay strong; this too shall pass.”

How do you feel about this situation? If you were in her position, how would you respond?

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