BANGKOK: All Thailand embassies in the Middle East region have been instructed to continue monitoring the tensions between Israel and Iran.

Thailand’s Foreign Ministry in a statement Monday said currently, about 28,000 Thais resided in Israel and approximately 300 in Iran.

The ministry said the Thai embassies in Tel Aviv and in Tehran are in constant contact with the Thai communities to update them on developments in the situation.

“At this time, there are no reports of Thai nationals in Israel or Iran being directly impacted or injured by the current situation,“ the ministry said in a statement.

Iran launched a drone and missiles attack on Israel on Saturday, in retaliation for a strike in Damascus, Syria earlier this month.

The ministry said that Thailand is very concerned about the current unfolding situation in the Middle East and urged all parties to exercise the utmost restraint to prevent the situation from deteriorating further as it would inevitably impact on innocent civilians.

“We will continue to follow developments closely and will coordinate with the relevant agencies on further assistance to Thai nationals in the affected areas,“ it said.

Thailand’s Foreign Ministry called on Thai nationals in the region to follow the news and advice of the local authorities as well as the relevant embassies, and advised them to contact the embassy in Tel Aviv and Tehran for urgent assistance.