Man in pink shorts denied entry at KLIA's lost and found baggage office

26 Jun 2015 / 20:01 H.

PETALING JAYA: Following a string of cases involving women who were asked to cover up for wearing improper attire, a man who was subjected to the same treatment at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) last month, has come forward to share his story.
Blogger Wilson Ng wrote about his experience at KLIA's Baggage Services Lost and Found area, where he was forced to don long black pants and shoes because the knee-length pink shorts and sandals he was wearing was deemed inappropriate.
Ng who had gone to pick up his luggage which he had accidentally left at the baggage carousel following a trip to Taipei was denied entry by a security officer at the enquiry counter who told him to go home and change because there is a dress code to enter the KLIA building and the lost and found baggage office.
"It took me by surprise and I was shocked and upset. However, I calmed down and tried to reason with him. I told him that KLIA is not near my home and there was no mention of a dress code on the KLIA website as well!
We had a discussion and I made sure I didn't raise my voice and he asked me to visit the security office. In my mind, I just wanted to collect my bag and leave," he wrote on his blog
Ng said in the security office he was handed a pair of long black pants and shoes, adding that the pants did not fit properly and could not be zipped up.
"With the unzipped pants (and I hid it with my shirt) and shoe, I went to get my security tag and went into the Baggage Services Lost and Found office," he said.
Ng said on his way out, he saw a Caucasian tourist at the security counter cursing the officers over the dress code issue.
"They had the same issue like me. They were wearing shorts and sandals with their children as they are here on holiday. I didn't bother to take my camera and record it as I just wanted to go home," he wrote.
Ng added that he had no problems with rules, but said KLIA should have a notice on their website about the dress code.
"Tourists come here for a holiday. Malaysia is not a cold country and it is quite common for them to wear shorts and sandals, how can you expect them to change when their baggage is inside the complex?
Ng said he was not angry with the security officers, but decided to share his experience so people would be forewarned about the dress code requirement at the lost and found baggage office.
On June 8 a woman was made to wear a sarong at the Jalan Gombak Road Transport Department. Following that on June 16, a woman was asked to cover up with a towel for wearing shorts on a visit to the Sungai Buloh Hospital. While on June 22, a journalist and a Selangor resident were also forced to wear sarongs to enter the Selangor State Secretariat building.
While yesterday a woman wearing a knee-length skirt was denied entry into the Balik Pulau Court Complex. The claim was made in a Facebook post showing the picture of a woman in a brown knee-length skirt.

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