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26 May 2016 / 10:28 H.

WITH the advancement of globalisation and modern technology, so too is progression of the e-commerce industry. As such, more and more consumers are opting for online shopping, having access to source and purchase from all corners of the world.
Today’s consumer expects fast and reliable merchants to deliver goods to their doorsteps with speed, ease and convenience, varied payment options included. However, even the various convenient online and modern-day purchase and payment methods, receiving goods can be a hassle, as most deliveries typically arrive during the day when most people are away at work or out of their homes.
To solve this modern-age issue, BOXiT Holdings Sdn Bhd (BOXiT), a Malaysian parcel locker provider, has come up with the perfect solution. Together with 7-Eleven Malaysia, the venture makes life so much easier for customers. In short, the partnership allows BOXiT customers to collect their parcels 24/7 from various 7-Eleven outlets.
Said BOXiT CEO Gregor Trawoger (pix) at the signing ceremony: “Our presence helps drive foot traffic to brick and mortar stores like 7-Eleven. For click-and-order merchants, they are able to minimise incidents of failed delivery, thus reducing delivery costs. For BOXiT, this collaboration enables us to extend our service and reach out to a wider community with enhanced convenience and flexibility.”
Briefly, the parcel lockers function as a “PO Box” alternative that allows customers round-the-clock convenience to collect their goods. Currently, over 20 parcel locker machines have been installed at various 7-Eleven outlets throughout Klang Valley. Through the alliance, BOXiT hopes to expand its fleet by adding some 300 more locker machines by 2017 and another 500 by 2018, across the nation.
The service brings benefits to business-to-consumer (B2C) services, consumer-to-business (C2B) services for returned shipments, business-to-business (B2B) transactions, as well as bank-to-customer (Bank2C) and customer-to-bank (C2Bank) services for cheque book, document and credit card delivery services. With this alliance, 7-Eleven outlets now become the drop-off and pickup hotspot, especially for busy professionals and those on the go.
Simple steps to collect your parcel via BOXiT:
► A pin code will be sent via SMS to notify the customer of their parcel and desired pick-up location;
► Proceed to the locker location specified;
► Click “Collect” on the parcel locker machine screen;
► Key in your mobile number and the pin code; and
► Receive your parcel.
Leading online shopping site, Lazada Malaysia has also partnered with BOXiT. This tie-up will offer customers the option for pick-up and return services, which may eventually lead up to a “self-collection” option for Lazada shoppers in the near future.

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