PETALING JAYA: 7-Eleven Malaysia, the country’s leading convenience store chain, is forming a strategic partnership with 7-Eleven International (7IN), the master franchisor of the brand worldwide, to revolutionise and elevate the quality of fresh food offered at local outlets.

7IN has managed more than 83,000 7-Eleven stores in 19 countries and regions.

As part of the collaboration, 7-Eleven Malaysia will establish a commissary facility, powered by 7IN’s expertise and technology. The new facility will serve as a central hub for the production, preparation and distribution of a wide range of fresh and high-quality food.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with 7IN in establishing our new commissary. This collaboration enables us to enhance our product and service by incorporating advanced technology and machinery, streamlining operations for top quality fresh food. We are confident that our partnership will result in delivering an enhanced experience that exceeds the expectations of our guests,“ said 7-Eleven Malaysia co-CEO Tan U-Ming.

Apart from partnering with 7IN, 7-Eleven Malaysia is also collaborating with Fuji Food, following consultancy guidelines that encompass production enhancement through innovative equipment, quality improvement from product selection to consumer purchase and accelerated R&D for new product development while also optimise production, maintain hygiene standards, and reduce environmental impact.

“We are dedicated to leveraging best practices and credible case studies to optimise our operations and ensure a seamless merchandising process and advanced supply chain. An excellent example of this commitment can be seen in our upcoming production of fresh food products, where every stage will be meticulously monitored and analysed, including product evaluation and sampling, menu ideation, packaging, production processes, and quality improvement of raw materials and products. We wholeheartedly embrace the local food culture while generously sharing the technology and expertise we have gained from Japan and other countries,” said Yuki Ishizuka, regional director of 7-Eleven International.

As part of its commitment to continuous improvement, 7-Eleven Malaysia together with 7IN will embark on a food innovation journey spanning from the third quarter to the fourth quarter of this year. One of the highlights will be the introduction of a new menu for consumers, created exclusively at the commissary.

“It is crystal clear that we are taking a significant step in enhancing our fresh food offerings. The upcoming commissary facility will revolutionise the way we serve our guests, bringing a broader and more delectable range of options. This collaboration ensures that our guests will experience a delightful transformation in food offerings and shows how serious we are about giving our customers tasty and new choices that they will love,“ said Wong Wai Keong, co-CEO of 7-Eleven Malaysia.

The commissary facility is scheduled to begin operations in November. 7-Eleven Malaysia and 7IN will continue to work closely together, combining their expertise and resources to drive innovation and deliver excellence across all aspects of the customer journey.

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