KUALA LUMPUR: In a strategic move to emphasise its commitment towards travel, the digital arm of Capital A, airasia Digital has transformed into MOVE Digital (MOVE), a chapter in its next phase of growth through both its businesses – airasia Superapp and BigPay.

MOVE’s travel platform business, airasia Superapp will also see its name changed to “airasia move” as part of the ongoing transformation.

Capital A CEO Tan Sri Tony Fernandes, appointed as Move’s executive chairman, said the name change signifies the group better and reiterates its commitment to move people, ideas and innovation forward within the travel space.

“We are now going to progress because we are a travels super app, moving people whether by ride hailing, plane, or bus – that’s our main business – moving people. Then we add value when we give you good hotels, food or shopping.

“Imagine seamless access to travel and financial services on one single platform, with integrated financial features such as balance display, top-up and payments from BigPay and further strengthening the value proposition of airasia move as the travel app of choice,” he told reporters during a press conference after the airasia digital announcement.

Going forward towards 2025, he expects that most of the group’s revenue will not just come from the airline but rather from the non-airline segments namely hotels, e-hailing rides, food and insurance.

“The biggest will be hotels. I think ride hailing will be a surprise. I’m very optimistic on dining ... because when you go travelling, your number one thing is food, it is a very big element. Insurance will be very big as well, so it’s going to come from a lot of different places.”

The Superapp or airasia move, reached its highest recorded monthly active users of 15 million at the end of the second quarter, while BigPay saw its carded users grow by 16% year-on-year for the same period.

Meanwhile, Fernandes also announced the appointment of move’s new CEO Nadia Omer effective Oct 26.

“Her key priority will be to further drive airasia move’s vision as a low-cost travel platform with high conversion, while closely collaborating with BigPay led by Zubin Rada Krishnan,” he said.