PETALING JAYA: Darwinbox, a company that provides human resource software solutions, is poised for global expansion as it sees growth opportunities for HR tech solutions in Southeast Asia and Asia-Pacific, and beyond.

Its co-founder, Jayant Paleti, expressed optimism regarding the Southeast Asian and Asia- Pacific markets for HR tech solutions.

“We are bullish on Southeast Asia/Asia Pacific markets for HR tech solutions. We see more opportunities to tap into market-specific solutions for the existing markets we operate in, and potentially beyond Southeast Asia as well.

“However, the growth curve looks steep! But we are constantly evolving and innovating to serve our customers better in each region,” Jayant told SunBiz.

Darwinbox’s product roadmap for 2023 outlines advancements in its platform, with a focus on building a cloud-agnostic infrastructure that is more flexible and compatible with different cloud services.

It aims to deepen its partnership with Microsoft and expand its global Go-To-Market options.

Darwinbox also aims to strengthen reporting, analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities in which its artificial intelligence (AI) engine Darwinbox Sense will undergo further development.

It will develop modules within this AI engine that can predict when employees might leave the company, suggest suitable candidates for job openings, and provide useful information for making decisions.

Looking ahead, Darwinbox aims to expand into markets like the United States, demonstrating its ambition for continued growth and global reach.

“We have experienced substantial success in markets like Indonesia, the Philippines and the Middle East. To support these markets, we recognise the need to improve our multilanguage capabilities, strengthen integration with payroll and job boards and enhance time and attendance features.

“The solutions provided by Darwinbox cater to the entire spectrum of HR processes, enabling organisations to transform their HR operations and enhance their employee life cycle management,” Jayant said.

He highlighted Darwinbox’s leadership in the HR SaaS sector, achieving unicorn status and garnering support from notable investors like Microsoft and Salesforce.

In Malaysia, Darwinbox collaborates with industry leaders such as Senheng Electric, Al Rajhi Bank Malaysia and Axiata Digital & Analytics.

According to Jayant, it is important for companies to focus on creating a work environment that values and prioritises the well-being and needs of employees. Additionally, implementing digital changes and adopting new technologies is essential for companies to stay competitive and achieve success.

“By providing employees with easy-to-use tools and resources that improve their productivity and performance, companies can increase employee engagement, attract top-quality candidates, and retain talented employees. This, in turn, leads to improved business outcomes, increased job satisfaction, and a better bottom line,” he said.

Moreover, Jayant emphasises the need for HR departments to transition from being seen as cost centres to becoming strategic partners to the business.

“Through the utilisation of technology and automation, particularly through a Human Capital Management (HCM) system, HR departments can efficiently manage complex operations, reduce costs, and enhance the overall employee experience.

“This includes effectively managing remote workforces, accessing a global talent pool, and creating a positive work environment that fosters employee engagement and satisfaction,” he said.

In today’s hybrid work environment, Jayant said, HR leaders should also have the skills to implement technology solutions for managing HR operations.

“When companies use HR technology, they can create strategies, rules, and initiatives that help increase employee satisfaction, improve their performance and productivity, and promote their overall well-being,” he added.

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