KUALA LUMPUR: After five years of selling online, sleep company Sonno today opened its flagship store, dubbed Sonno Sleep House, in Publika here.

Sonno is recognised for its premium mattress-in-a-box and other high quality sleep products with a 100-night trial.

Sonno founder & CEO Fabio Miceli said the store is developed around two key pillars: brand and experience.

“We wanted to have a space which could position Sonno as a sleep brand. The Sonno Sleep House provides a comfortable space for a genuine in-store mattress trial.

“Adding an offline footprint allows the company to adapt to evolving consumer preferences as well as make the mattress shopping experience memorable and enjoyable.”

Sonno also revealed its Sonno Signature Bed Frame, which is the company’s first product line as it enters into the bedroom furnishing segment.

Sonno has helped over 20,000 customers sleep better in the past five years.

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